Anti-HBs (HBsAb) TEST

Anti-HBs (HBsAb) TEST

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Hepatitis B infection transmitted by Anti-HBs antibodies in the blood is perceived as learning.
However, with the success of Anti-HBs, it can come because it is vaccinated against Hepatitis B.

  • Qualitative results can be read within 15 minutes.
  • Sensitivity: 100%
  • Specificity: 100% *
  • Cut-off: <10 miu="" ml="" li="">

*Performance Evaluation, commercial seroconversion panels, positive samples, clinical patient samples, blood donors and interfering samples were applied for performance analysis and results compared with known CE certified methods.

Product CE Status Type Sample Type Kit Size Additional Materials
Anti-HBs(HBsAb) Test CE 1434 Cassette S/P 40 Dropper
Anti-HBs(HBsAb) Test CE 1434 Cassette S/P/WB 40 Dropper