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Human Resources


Turklab Tıbbi Malz. San. Ve Tic. A.S. It is a company that grows rapidly every day and follows the developments in its sector. The most important building blocks of our company are our employees. What makes our company different is to act in the light of science with all our employees, with the consciousness of unity and solidarity, and to try to institutionalize by protecting the enthusiasm of the amateur spirit.

Creating a corporate culture that is qualified, constantly learning, developing, transparent, honest, fair and adopted by all employees by contributing to each of our employees who sincerely put their hearts in their work constitutes the basis of our human resources policy.


Turklab Tıbbi Malz. San. Ve Tic. A.S.'s recruitment policy is based on the company's goals, competencies and values ​​to place the right candidates in the right position. Our interview process starts with the suitable candidates, taking into account the competencies of the position in line with the needs arising from the staff work. It continues with executive interviews. The basic competencies we look for without exception in every candidate we interview:

  • Ability to Build Trust
  • Taking responsibility
  • Acting with Information

Adapt to the Team Reference checks are carried out right after our interview process. As a result of the evaluations, the candidate / candidates who are found suitable are offered a job by our company, depending on whether the offer is accepted or not, our working process begins or continues until the suitable candidate is found.


Turklab Tıbbi Malz. San. Ve Tic. A.S. The most important resource and value for its management is "Human". For this reason, every investment we make in people is the most important investment for us.

The training process of all our employees who join our family starts with the "orientation training" organized to help them get to know and adapt to our company in a short time, and then continues with training programs aimed at increasing their performance with their teammates, in line with their career goals and supporting their development.

The goal of our training activities is to increase the professional skills of our employees by maintaining their personal development; It contributes both to its own development and to our company. In our company, we closely follow the laws and innovations in occupational health and safety for a safe and healthy working environment, and we train all our employees on this subject without exception.


We have decided to review and revise our performance evaluation and wage management functions due to the respect we have for the “labor - performance they show” of our employees. Our aim is to ensure that our employees get the full value of their performance.


Turklab Tıbbi Malz. San. Ve Tic. A.S. It primarily evaluates its own employees for every position opened. It is evaluated whether the employees provide the competence, knowledge and skills required by the position, the performance of the candidate is reviewed and the appropriate candidates are appointed to the relevant positions.