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Adenovirus TEST

Adenovirus TEST

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Adenoviruses, members of the family Adenoviridae, are non-enveloped double-stranded DNA viruses that cause mild to severe illness by mainly infecting the respiratory tract, eye, and gastrointestinal tract. Infections can occur at any age but the prevalence is more in young people, es- pecially in children.

Flu-like symptoms including fever and sore throat, pneu- monia, acute bronchitis, and acute gastroenteritis are com- monly seen as symptoms of adenovirus infection. People who already have cardiovascular or respiratory disease or those with weak immune systems are at higher risk of hav- ing more severe adenovirus infection. Adenovirus infections are usually transmitted through close contact with an in- fected person or fecal-oral.

Adenoviruses are classified into 6 subgenera and more than 40 subtypes.nteric adenoviruses, particularly types 40 (Ad40) and 41, are the most common cause of diarrhea in children every term of the year after rotavirus infections. Early diagnosis of the infection with effortless tests, has a crucial role in starting a treatment that may relieve symp- toms.


Turklab’s Adenovirus Test is a rapid, immunochromato- graphic assay for the qualitative detection of Adenovirus antigens in human feces samples.

• Clean and reliable use.
• Ease of use with the sample collection tube with prefilled diluent.


• Sensitivity: 99,9%

• Specificity: 99,3%