CEA (Carcinoembryonic Antigen) Test detects tumor marker CEA in human whole blood, serum and plasma.

  • CEA is expressed in a variety of malignancies, particularly pulmonary or gastrointestinal tumors (e.g. colon cancer, liver cancer and lung cancer).
  • CEA normally occurs in fetal gut tissue with detectable serum levels essentially disappearing after birth. Therefore, elevated levels of CEA can be of significant value in the diagnosis of primary carcinomas.

Cut Off Value : 5 ng/ml Sensitivite : 99,3 % Specificity  : 99,3% Positive predictive value  : % 99 Negative predictive value  : % 99,6

Product CE Status Type  Sample Type Kit Size  Additional Materials
CEA TEST  CE Cassette WB/S/P 25 Dropper, diluent