AFP test is an immunochromatographic test used to qualitatively detect alpha-fetoprotein in human whole blood / serum / plasma.

Alpha-Fetoprotein (AFP) is normally produced during fetal and neonatal development by the liver, yolk sac and in small concentrations by the gastrointestinal tract.

  • In areas where liver cancer is common, the use of AFP tests for screening has resulted in the detection of many tumors at an earlier stage.
  • Detection of elevated AFP levels can also be used in the detection of fetal open neural tube defects.

Cut Off Value : 10 ng/ml Sensitivite : 99,3 % Specificity  : 99% Positive predictive value  : % 98,6 Negative predictive value  : % 99,5

Product CE Status Type  Sample Type Kit Size  Additional Materials
AFP TEST  CE Cassette WB/S/P 25 Dropper, diluent