Non-sticky, moisturizing, non-zinc oxide softy cream

  • Antibacterial properties
  • Patented special herbal oil complex
  • Hamamelis Virginia to prevent itches and irritations.
  • New barrier technology without Zinc Oxide. 


For well-cared Babies and Carafree Mothers!

Rashes are frequently encountered on the delicate and defenseless skin of your baby’s bottom because of the urine and the air tight environment caused by diapers.

Frequent nappy change is important in avoiding rashes. Use TOYO BABY NAPPY RASH CREAM regularly after every nappy change for helping to eliminate any existing rashes.

New 5-in-1 Formula TOYO BABY NAPPY RASH CREAM helps to decrease inflammation and prevents dryness with its moisturizing effect.

New 5-in-1 Formula. Ideal for the Delicate Skin of Your Baby!

New barrier technology without Zinc Oxide.

Unlike most rash creams on the market. TOYO BABY NAPPY RASH CREAM does not incorporate the old Zinc Oxide technology. The latest barrier compound technolojy of TOYO BABY NAPPY RASH CREAM provides superior barrier characteristics while at the same time eliminating the annoying look and feel of a smearin cream. The new barrier systems facilitates the skin’s absorption of the healing compounds contained in the cream by preventing liquid pereability into it, while at the same time assuring air contact.

Apply Toyo Rash cream on a piece of toiler paper and place the paper on a glass. Pour same water onto the cream applied paper. Even after hours you will not see any water dripping inside the glass since the unique cream formulation does not allow any water passing thru the paper.

Contains special patented herbal oil complex:

The herbal ingredients of Bicorno Vitamin Oil, Macadamia Ternifolia, Jojoba Oil, Cammomile and Marigold, as well as Vitamins A & E, contained in the formulation of TOYO BABY NAPPY RASH CREAM soothe the skin and helps to prevent reoccurring of rashes when used regularly.

This new cream technology of Toyo Baby ensures an easy-to apply and non-smearing structure. Its extra moisturizing properties prevent skin dryness.

Contains Hamamelis Virginia for avoiding itching and irritation.

Hamamelis Virginia is gladly itching and similar discomforts. Hamamelis Virginia helps to eliminate irritation on your baby’s delicate skin.

The cell-renewing D-panthenol

Contained in the Formula of the elimination of rashes.

Toyo Baby Rash Cream helps disinfection of your baby’s skin

With the support of clorhexidine TOYO BABY NAPPY RASH CREAM helps to eliminate germs and disinfection of your baby’s delicate skin.