Used for qualitative determination of cardiac Troponin I in human whole blood/serum/plasma as an aid for the diagnosis of myocardial infarction
  • Cardiac troponin is only released when there is cardiac damage. It is possible to distungish cardiac from skeletal muscle damage.
  • Much more sensitive as indicators of injury to the mycardium.
  • The release pattern of cTnI is similar to CK-MB, but while CK-MB levels return to normal after 72 hours.
  • Troponin I remain elavated for 6-10 days, thus providing for a longer window of detection for cardiac injury.


Sensitivity: 99.0%, Specificity: 98.9%, (+) Predictive V: 98.0%, (-) Predictive V: 99.4%, Confidence Interval: 95.0%  Cut-off: 0.5 ng/ml

Product CE Status Type  Sample Type Kit Size  Additional Materials
TROPONIN I CE Cassette WB/S/P 25 dropper,diluent